Wu-Tang Clan Promo

I had a pleasure working on the animated, Wu-Tang Clan comic based, GZA, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah promo videos for their London shows.

To create two promo videos, including design, animation and audio mixing. The video should communicate the information about the shows and would be based on the existing Wu-Tang clan marketing materials available online.

Since Wu-Tang clan and comic books are so intertwined it only made sense to style the videos like a comic book. Not to mention it allowed us to stay away from using live footage and produce something more animationy and creative.
   There weren't enough illustrations for the entire Raekwon and Ghostface Killah video, so we found available press shots, styled them to look more in line with the rest of the video and used them in our faux 3D comic book world. To supplement the 3D elements and bring them closer to the style we've laid out, I've created hand dawned effects like the lightning around the Wu-Tang logo as well as the muzzle flashes and the smoke coming from the Ghostface Killah's guns. 
The second video is much shorter and focuses on appropriating the Liquid Swords album cover. Even though it was pretty tricky to pull off, I had lots of fun bringing the characters from the iconic album to life!
   Since the original artwork was all I had, I've painted a lot of elements in to give myself more room for movement, rigging wasn't easy too, as the characters are at an angle, GZA's hand moves closer and further away from the camera and there was a lot of trickery involved to make it all work.
The videos were created while working for WeAreFreak creative studio in London.
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