VFX for Human Technology - CMR Surgical

CMR Surgical is a British medical technology company that produce robotic surgery systems. Human Technology is a short video revealing the source of inspiration behind the development of such systems.

To create visual effects for four scenes from the video. Graphic elements should be incorporated in the footage, and as an overlay, portray the correlation between mathematics and nature.

The client provided brief was very to the point, and even came with sketched out illustrations of how the overlays should look like, leaving me only to build it.
      As the scenes were shot without any markers, the biggest challenge was to track the different elements on which the overlays should attach. For this I've used few different techniques, for the easier tracks - built in AE tracker and for more challenging tracks, like the butterfly scene - I've used Mocha's planar tracker, complimented with good, old, frame by frame nudging... As even Mocha struggled to track the wings of a CG butterfly.
      After I've got it all tracked, I've build the overlay elements in After Effect's 2.5D, as I wanted to match the depth of field in an actual scene. Using the depth of field with an After Effects camera I was able to achieve a gradual blurring of the out of focus elements without any extra work. To connect the points in 2.5D space I've used a handy script called Connect Layers, to see a quick overview of the build/process check out the video bellow:

Here are the finished scenes I was working on:
The videos were created while working for WeAreFreak creative studio in London.
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