Advert for TV Player

TVPlayer is an Internet television company serving the United Kingdom, offering access to live television channel streams. The finished advert has been aired on the national television, ITV as well as an ad on Youtube and has been seen by millions of people!

Create a 30 seconds long TV advert for TV Player app, which would feature four photo-real devices, show snippets from the most popular shows and would display the logos of the most popular channels.

The whole concept for the advert is very minimalist, that's why a lot of the attention went in to modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering the 3D devices. I've started the project by thinking about the best workflow to minimize the costs and speed up the process.
      After much thought I've decided not to resort to an external render engine, but to stick to the C4D's built in physical renderer, model the elements also in C4D, UV unwrap in HeadusUV layout as that is what I'm accustomed to and I believe it is still more powerful than the built in C4D tools for UV unwrap. Texturing was done in Photoshop and compositing in After Effects.
The advert was created while working for WeAreFreak creative studio in London.
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