Paradise Island Festival Videos

The festival is staged in the glorious beauty of the south of Thailand, it features some of the best international and Thai musical acts, alongside an arts program showcasing the very best that Thai culture has to offer.

Refine the look and feel of the festival visuals; create an animated opener to be used throughout the marketing videos; create a series of promotional videos, before, during and after the festival.
The idea for the opener was to create a sense of discovery, adventure that would then lead the viewer straight into the action - the footage form the festival. I didn't have much to go on with in terms of the footage for the promo video and had to creatively blend the shots that were actually shot on the location, prior to the festival, with those sourced online.
The highlights video had a visual update, where I gave it more color and a texture to the leafs, which makes it look more organic and more in tune with the general vibe of the Paradise Island festival.
The videos were created while working for WeAreFreak creative studio in London.
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