Iagon - Explainer Video

IAGON is a service that allows users to share and sell the computing power of their devices (smartphones, desktops, laptops) using a decentralised cloud system, artificial intelligence and algorithms.

Explain the overall system and process of IAGON’s complex cloud structures.

Working with Iagon’s team, we've created the style frames along with the storyboards that helped to establish the look and feel of the video and keep a consistent visual style. We made this all animate using After Effects along with some third party plugins and scripts, such us Duik and Joystics & Sliders.
      Isometric look (faux 3D), required a lot of patience, masking and frame by frame precision to pull off! Personally, the hardest scene to animate was the the desk sinking into the ground at 00:44. Duik's Morpher tool was a real lifesaver when it came to re-timing the scene.

I've also created a logo animation for IAGON, which is now used throughout their branding.
IAGON logo animation gif
In addition to the above, I was also working on the teaser that was released prior to the explainer video. It mainly uses stock footage and clever transitions to get the audience excited about the upcoming explainer!
The videos were created while working for Nucco Brain studio in London.
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