Crypto Crusades

Crypto Crusades travel the globe meeting the people behind the most interesting blockchain projects: bitcoin labs, top crypto currencies and groundbreaking blockchain applications

Create a standalone logo animation, an extended logo animation as well as intro template to be used at the start of every youtube video.
Crypro Crusades are talking about the technology that is shaping our society, not surprisingly they are very future focused and techy. Similarly all the content created has this retro wave feel to it. Extended logo animation expands on previously created standalone logo animation, it illustrates the fact that Crypto Crusades are traveling the globe in their search for aspiring individuals who are behind the technological progress we see today. While also showing the progression, from a stylized two dimensional illustration to a three dimensional plane that flies off the screen.
      I've modeled and textured the plane in C4D, however used Element 3D to place it inside the After Effects project, this allowed me to better mach different assets and use the same environment from the After Effects project to light the plane (creating these streaky reflections).
The intro animation template is also inspired by the retro wave, it's hologramy, glitchy and has everything to say high tech (that's glitching out for some reason...). The font animation is completely customizable, however the interviewee would have to be masked out from the footage, Mocha makes this process quite quick and easy. Using this template unifies all the different videos shot in different environments using different cameras.
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