CapitalFM Media Campaigns

Capital is a network of twelve independent contemporary hit radio stations in the United Kingdom, as of June 2018, the stations serve a combined weekly audience of 7.4 million listeners. I have been working on several media campaigns for CapitalFM including special events like the Summertime Ball held in Wembley stadium and the Jingle Bell Ball in London's O2.
   In addition to that, Capital's marketing campaigns could have been seen throughout the UK, as well as in London's underground stations and on the Piccadilly square screens.

Produce marketing collateral for CapitalFM that would be on display throughout the country. It usually involves several hundred deliverables with different messaging, frequencies as well as different aspect ratios, sizes and file formats, since various outdoor displays have different aspect ratios and support different file formats.

A marketing campaign of such scale would usually be approached in sever stages. First we would establish the hero animations and only then adapt it to different locations, messaging and aspect ratios.
      Because the deliverables are designed to be flexible, in order to work for different locations, messaging and sizes the animation itself is relatively simplistic, although for the past few campaigns I have used 3D elements, that were done in C4D, but brought in to After Effects using Element 3D plug-in, it allowed me to make changes on the fly, without the need to re-render and all that in After Effects.
      Probably the most tricky part is managing all the deliverables, checking that the messaging correlates to the location and the frequencies, that the size, frame rate and the aspect ration is correct for that particular screen. For that we've developed a file management system in After Effects particularly suited to working with such complex and divers campaigns.
An example deliverable from the Jingle Bell Ball campaign:
A mock-up of the deliverable displayed in the London underground:
The videos were created while working for WeAreFreak creative studio in London.
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