Best of Johnny Vaughan (RadioX)

Best of Johnny Vaughan is a series of short animated videos, that illustrate the best moments from the Johnny Vaughan's drivetime show on Radio X, which includes Chris Moyles and, at the time, Vernon Kay. Radio X chiefs cite the drivetime show as one of the main successes of the station.

To create a series of animated videos illustrating the best moments from the Johnny Vaughan's show.

Turnaround times had to crazy quick for these videos as they would have to see the daylight soon after the show is aired. Hence, the videos were originally designed to be based on text, supported by static illustrations. However it was too painful to see them go out without animation and I gradually started animating the camera, giving more depth to the illustrations, and even going as far as animating key elements and characters.
      This is my pick of favorite Best of animations: 

Apart from the Best of animations, I have been working on several digital billboards for RadioX. Here's a mock-up of one of them done in Cinema 4D using projections:
The videos were created while working for WeAreFreak creative studio in London.
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