Airdrop Alert and Mazee CG Advertisement

A Crypto Airdrop is when a blockchain project or an ICO distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community. Airdrop alert helps to keep track of these Crypto Airdrops while Mazee provides support in launching an ICO.

Create a 15sec Instagram advertisement, that would visualize the basic concept behind the Airdrop Alert and Mazee partnership.

After speaking with the clients, as in this case it was two of them, and doing the initial research, I had a pretty clear vision for the Ad. All I had to do was just to sketch it out and let the others see it too. Here is the final storyboard:
After the storyboard was approved, I've modeled the assets in Cinema 4D, which were later UV mapped using Headus UV layout (as I'm not the biggest fan of Cinema's UV tools). Everything was animated in Cinema 4D, textured through Octane's material builder, rendered in several passes and then composited back together in After Effects. It was the first project where I've used Octane, and I was extremely happy to make the transition!
The Ad was created while working freelance for Catchy Graphics studio in Sofia.
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