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InBev Explainer Animations
A case study that looks at ABInBev animated explainer video series. It looks into the techniques and the software used to create the animations.
IAGON Explainer
A case study into the explanimation for IAGON's Complex Cloud System - a service that allows users to share and sell the computing power of their devices.
Discover You
A case study into the animation made for The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation, it covers approach, methods and techniques used to create the video.
Mars Launchpad Animation
A case study into an animated explainer video for Mars Launchpad. It looks into why the particular style was chosen for the animation and how it influences the message communicated.
NCASS videos
A case study that covers two animated videos done for NCASS. It talks about the reasons why two different styles were chosen, main challenges that I faced and the techniques I've used to create the videos.
Airdrop Alert and Mazee CG Ad
A quick breakdown of a project I've directed and created for Airdrop Alert and Mazee.
EE 4G Network
A brief case study into a proposal video for an animated video series, designed to raise awareness of EE’s network.
B2B Promo video for Hotbox Events
A look into the project I have art directed and developed for HotBox Events.
Logo animation for Foundry's software family
A look into the making of the Foundry's logo animation.
TV Player Advert
A case study into the making of the TV Player advert, it looks at the workflow, tools and techniques used to create this 3D commercial.
Wu-Tang Clan Promo
A case study into the promo videos I've created for Wu-Tang Clan members GZA, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah.
VFX for Human Technology - CMR Surgical
A look into a VFX project, where I had to build, animate and incorporate graphic elements with the footage.
Crypto Crusades
A case study into the creation of the Crypto Crusades visual identity for their youtube channel.
CapitalFM Marketing Campaigns
A case study into the making of CapitalFM's marketing campaigns. It talks about the approach and the workflow used to produce these multiform projects.
Ciurlionis Digital
A case study into a project done for the National Lithuanian Museum of Art, it gives the background information and talks more in depth about this art appropriation, based on the M. K. Ciurlionis's, 1906-1907 created, "The Zodiac" painting cycle.
LearnFlip Explainer Video
A very brief look into the animation I've done for LearnFlip.
Paradise Island Festival Videos
A look into the work, which includes creative edit, animation and design I have done for the Paradise Island festival.
Best of Johnny Vaughan RadioX Media Campaign
A case study into the short animated videos I've done for the RadioX's Best of marketing campaign.
Johnnie Walker My Edition
A brief look into the teaser video ad I've done for Johnnie Walker.
Introducing Framd
A quick glance at this quirky little animation for Framd I've worked on a while back.
Gett app
A quick look into the animation I've done for Gett.
John Lewis Partnership Plus
A quick look into The John Lewis Partnership Plus animated explainer video.
Green Screen Compositing (SanDisk's iXpand)
Brief overview of the greenscreen compositing job I did for SanDisk's iXpand promo video.
ITF Animations
A quick look into short animations I've done for the ITF congress.
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